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You can’t manage to do your day-to-day activities because of the excruciating pain in your body.

You ignored it at first, relied on self-medication. Then you start to think that it might be something serious as the pain won’t go away, rather it’s getting worse. Is it really just a sprained ankle? A stiff neck? An aching back?

Understand the real cause of your body pain. Having a thorough analysis, diagnosis, and treatment can help you manage the discomfort you are feeling every time you walk, run, bend your back, turn your neck to the left or right, or climb up the stairs.

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gonstead chiropractor

Enable your body to heal itself without medication thru Gonstead Chiropractic at Spinal Care.

Spinal Care is the only Gonstead Chiropractic clinic in the Philippines. One of the most advanced Chiropractic techniques, Gonstead Chiropractic focuses on restoring your optimal health by performing the most accurate and painless adjustments in your body caused by subluxations.

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  • Cases addressed by Gonstead Chiropractic
  • Benefits of Gonstead Chiropractic
  • Initial consultation and adjustment fees at Spinal Care


Here’s what satisfied clients has to say about Spinal Care:

“I have been suffering from back pain which I suspect was due to work. Dr. Su was able to isolate and methodically fix my issues over the course of just a few sessions. Right now I’m easing into maintenance of my current state through periodic checkups. My quality of life has become better and I’m grateful.”

- Ian C.

“Been there yesterday for my daughter’s initial checkup. Her mysterious ailment is soon to be unraveled once she’s done with her second visit for the explanation of her xray result. If only we had known this earlier, we could have saved hard-earned money, precious time and she might have been recuperating now. Anyways, better late than never.”

- Fem G.

“I have been to more than a dozen doctors but none of them was able to satisfactorily explain the cause of my symptoms except Dr. Su. He treats each patient uniquely. You know that the quality care he provides is excellent. He made me function again. His Gonstead Method is superior and one of a kind in the country. He is unlike any other chiropractor I have been to.”

- Cristina C.