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Back Pain Treatment in Taguig City

As one of the primary reasons why people seek chiropractic care, back pain has many causes, such as poor posture, muscle strain, injuries, or even underlying medical conditions.

Here are some ways we address back pain at Spinal Care Chiropractic:

Chiropractic Care

The Gonstead technique is a highly effective chiropractic method that focuses on addressing spinal misalignments and biomechanical dysfunction. By utilizing precise manual adjustments, this technique aims to restore the spine’s natural alignment, reduce nerve interference, and alleviate back pain.

Through a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s posture, joint mobility, and overall spinal health, our Gonstead practitioners identify the root cause of discomfort and apply targeted adjustments to provide long-lasting relief. As a result, patients experience improved mobility, reduced inflammation, and enhanced overall wellbeing.

Upper back adjustment

Trigger Point Therapy

This technique focuses on relieving pain caused by trigger points or “muscle knots” in soft tissue areas. By applying massage, stretching, and focused pressure to these points, the therapy releases tension and eases discomfort.

Specific Stretches

To strengthen and enhance mobility in the neck, spine, and core muscles, specific stretches are provided as part of spinal rehab. These stretches aim to alleviate pain and prevent further injury.

Effective Exercises

In addition to stretches, specialized exercises are offered to target postural control, stability, and strength. By incorporating these exercises into your routine, you can improve your spinal health and reduce the likelihood of back pain in the future.

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