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Developed in 1895 by Dr. Daniel D. Palmer, Chiropractic has become the number-one alternative healthcare profession in the world. It’s practiced in over 100 countries throughout the world with educational institutions around the globe.

As with the medical profession, completing studies in the Chiropractic field is no easy feat.

Chiropractors are university-trained healthcare professionals specializing in spinal health and treating musculoskeletal conditions through manual techniques. They are trained to detect and treat subluxations or spinal misalignments. They often have more extensive training in spinal manipulation techniques than others, making them experts in this field. There are also trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions with an emphasis on spinal issues and may use different diagnostic tools including X-ray. Chiropractors often has a holistic approach to care and would not just treat symptoms buy also address underlying causes. They can also provide lifestyle advice, nutrition guidance, ergonomic recommendations and exercises/ stretches to support overall wellbeing. Chiropractors are also licensed healthcare professionals.

In the Philippines, licensed chiropractors are registered under PITAHC or the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Healthcare, which is under the Department of Health.

Dr. Daniel Su has graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic and understands orthopedics, neuroscience, anatomy and more. He has also completed further studies in Clinical Neuroscience. Some studies even reveal that Chiropractic students complete more studies than most medical students!

Dr. Hui Min Chew earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic from International Medical University. She has also completed further training and is a Webster-certified chiropractor. She stays up to date with the latest in the field by attending seminars regularly.

Spine modelHow Chiropractic Improves Your Health

Your nervous system controls every cell, organ and tissue in the body. It’s responsible for the communication between your brain and body. Pain and other symptoms are often a sign that there’s a problem present in the nervous system that isn’t allowing proper brain-body communication.

Chiropractic is an effective solution to optimize these communications, making sure the nervous system enjoys its greatest possible function.

“Thank you to Dr. Daniel Su and staff! Our trusted chiropractic service offering the Gonstead method addressing not only the spine but the nerve and muscular issues as well. It’s really an investment in terms of health.”

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min use an advanced Chiropractic method that involves the use of Gonstead, a results-driven system of analysis and adjustment. We start by giving you an extremely comprehensive examination, detecting the presence of any interference in the nervous system to understand the cause of your pain. X-rays provide a full, three-dimensional view to determine your needs.

Our patients find our methods gentle, safe and feel they achieve long-lasting results, quickly. The Gonstead Technique is practiced by only about 1% of chiropractors due to the difficulty of learning how to use it properly. Dr. Daniel regularly attends Gonstead seminars to further perfect his care, discover new research and collaborate with other practitioners to better help our patients.

What's the main goal and focus of Chiropractic?

The main focus of chiropractic care is to achieve optimal spinal health and enhance overall nervous system function.
Are there different chiropractic techniques?

There are a lot of various Chiropractic techniques available, such as Gonstead, which can significantly impact your care. Switching techniques may require reevaluation, as each approach is unique to the chiropractor.

Can chiropractic be combined with other therapies?

Chiropractic care can be safely combined with conventional medicine, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture. Consult your chiropractor before pursuing additional therapies.
What's a chiropractor?

Chiropractors are university-trained licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in spinal health and musculoskeletal conditions. They use manual techniques to detect and treat spinal misalignments, addressing underlying causes of conditions with a holistic approach. They also provide lifestyle advice, nutrition guidance, ergonomic recommendations, and exercises/stretches to promote overall wellbeing.
What factors to consider in choosing the right chiropractor for you?

Choosing the right chiropractor is important as it can affect the effectiveness of your care. Chiropractors differ in their education, specialization, reputation, skill and experience.
Why does cost of chiropractic care differ from clinic to clinic?

Costs may vary based on the chiropractor’s training, reputation, location, and services offered.
What to expect from chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care may require multiple sessions over time for optimal results and immediate relief may only be temporary. Results may vary based on individual factors, and chronic issues may take longer to resolve. Post-adjustment discomfort also may occur.
How often do I need to go?

Treatment frequency depends on progress and personal goals. Consistent care is crucial for optimal results, including regular checkups and maintenance care, regardless of symptoms.
How long is each visit take?

Chiropractic sessions are typically short, lasting 5-10 minutes, as adjustments must be performed swiftly and effectively.
What's the Gonstead technique and why is it different?

Gonstead chiropractic is a precise approach to chiropractic care developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead that focuses on the analysis and adjustment of spinal misalignments or subluxations. Key principles of Gonstead chiropractic include:

  • Specific analysis (Visual analysis, palpation, X-Ray, Nervo-scope and other diagnostic tools)
  • Precise adjustments
  • Minimal force when adjusting
  • Careful patient positioning
  • Case-specific care

Watch the Gonstead Difference documentary on YouTube!

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