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Spinal Care Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Taguig City Patients Say

At Spinal Care Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Success Stories

Felt Ease and Comfort Immediately

Will surely recommend! At the first actual adjustment, I thought I was wasting my money. However, during the time I stood up, I felt the ease and comfort as I was able to walk normally immediately.

~ Jay G.

Always a Good Experience

Always a good experience! I always recommend your clinic (and Dr Su!) to my friends and family! If there is one question people ask which I cannot answer (which your website should probably do) is: what is the difference between Gonstead Chiropractic and regular Chiro? I am sure it will help in the appreciation of your kind of service.

~ Carmela/Carmenguia B.

Staff is Helpful and Friendly

After learning of my son’s condition, I was relieved that it can be addressed without surgery or other painful procedures. He is feeling better now, and I am happy with the results. Each visit is a breeze and the staff is helpful and friendly. Both doctors are accommodating and explain everything well. Thank you!

~ Luis L.

Alternative Treatment for Disc Herniation

I am a post laminectomy and discectomy case due to L4-L5 disc herniation last July 2012. After four years, it recurred. It was confirmed in my latest MRI result. I was in the state of unexplainable and unbearable pain again. I decided not to go through another major operation since no orthopedic surgeon can assure me a no-pain and no-complication post operation scenario.

I also tried the conventional rehab therapy in the hospital with the usual TENS and traction procedures. It did not help even to relieve the pain. For weeks, I was pain-reliever-reliant. Actually, the meds can’t even take away the pain. It merely reduces it to a tolerable level. I was suffering. That is when “Chiropractic Care” became an alternative. My sister discovered “Gonstead Chiropractic” through research.
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~ Marilou C.

Natural Recovery from Cervical Dislocation and Degeneration

Last August 2015, I have severe back pain, extended to my left shoulder and left arm that I was having difficulty moving around especially bend. Even the simple thing of wearing clothes and socks was a feat for me. I went to see an orthopedic doctor, hoping to find a solution to my predicament. The doctor said that I have cervical dislocation and degeneration from C3 to T2. Surgery on my spine is the prescribed solution to my problem and that there’s no other way.

Looking for a second opinion, I went to a chiropractor and tried massaging my spine and cracking my neck. I also tried physical therapy but to no avail. This went on for 6 weeks and still in pain. Thank God for his grace, a friend introduced me to Dr. Daniel Su, a Gonstead Chiropractor. I was impressed by his adjustment technique and the way that he handled me as his patient.
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~ Teddy C.

Finding A Natural Cure For Unexplained Symptoms

It was back in early 2012 when I started feeling a twitching sensation on my left pinky and ring finger. Overtime, the twitching sensation turned into loss of control which made me lose the ability to do certain tasks such as play an instrument and typing with my left hand. Other discomforts also arose. I had frequent headaches, dizziness, and a choking feeling around my neck.

I’ve been to several doctors from reputable hospitals, have even undergone several painstaking tests involving big machines and some electrocutions, (an experience that can be attributed to someone undergoing interrogation), but none were really able to explain what was my problem was. One of them even gave me a misdiagnosis and recommended me to take a totally unnecessary awful treatment.

My condition has gotten worse, and in mid-2013, I was told by some people to go see a chiropractor.
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~ Noel L.

Athlete and Ultramarathon Runner

Obviously with all this running activity it would be only fairly natural that I would have my fair share of injuries and ailments. Having a number of “niggling” knee and ankle injuries and also some intermittent back pain I decided that it would be beneficial to consult with a Chiropractor. Having consulted a Chiropractor on a number of occasions whilst residing in Australia I knew the benefits that I had experienced previously

Since living in the Philippines it had become apparent to me that Chiropractic as a profession was not as common as it is in Australia and that there appeared to be very few Chiropractors registered in the Philippines. So after a lot of searching online I found Spinal Care Chiropractic based on Bonifacio Global City. After a lot of research on their website, I discovered that Dr. Daniel Su had lived and studied his profession in Australia which gave me confidence in the training he had received. Also, I found out that Dr. Su had taken up Gonstead technique of chiropractic which I had never heard of before.
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~ Robert W.

Recovery From Multiple Falls

I am Teresa Lynn Sy, a retired dentist, 50 years old. It has been a great journey for me with Spinal Care. If not for Dr. Daniel Su, I might be in deep depression and agonizing pain. Imagine, without knowing that a compounded falls would put me into this dilemma. It just started with a fall, sometimes landing on my butt or on my back, has cause me my endless pain on my left leg and my lower back.

4 months of agonizing 4 hours of sleep each day even taking strong painkillers won’t help. It even cause me my vertigo and high blood pressure. I could not even sit to take my breakfast, either I have to walk or stand while eating. My left toes start to becoming numb, I know that there is something wrong with my nerves.

I have seek the help of a spine doctor, took an MRI but only saw bone spurs. They told me to take calcium and those spurs are just part of growing old, and have some exercise but the pain still persist. An operation would cost me half a million and I don’t even know if I will be okay.
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~ Teresa Lynn S.

The Appointments are Hassle-free and Efficient

I am a very busy person, due to work, that’s why I just love and appreciate that the appointments are hassle-free and efficient (not eating up too much of my time as oppose to hospital appointments). They clearly value their patients’ time and energy, as everything is so systematic. From initial consults, referrals to an x-ray clinic, up to every session, is just so smooth. Most importantly, every session gave me significant positive results. I’m living a pain-free life now, and will definitely go back to maintain that. I actually recommended SpinalCare to my cousin, who has an online appointment today!

~ Rosiefe M.

My Spinal Ailment and ALS Improved

Much of my spinal ailment and ALS improved with SC assistance. Sadly, when I left spinal care, my condition deteriorated. I am hoping that my request for financial assistance from the government be processed soon so I can return to Spinal Care. Thank you, Dr. Su and the staff.

~ Aproniano P.

Recurring Lower Back Pain

I have a recurring lower back pain but after the 2nd visit to the Spinal Care Chiropractic clinic, I felt that my lower back was getting better and there’s no more pain radiating down to my right leg. My shoulders used to be overly slanted and painful; however, after the 3rd visit, I don’t have those pains anymore. Lastly, I always believe that which you cannot measure, you cannot fix, correct, or improve on. In Gonstead Spinal Care Chiropractic, Dr. Su uses a tool that is run through your spine to check how much off you are to the correct posture. I believe that tool helps him with the spine adjustments he will be doing and where to adjust. I find it scientific and it gives you great confidence that the adjustment will be precise. Thank you Dr. Su and thank you too for a friendly and helpful staff.

~ Anonymous

Lower Back Pain Because of Pregnancy

My first visit was due to lower back pain because of pregnancy. It was a sharp pain and could barely walk. I’ve decided to have it treated at SpinalCare (Dr.Daniel Su) and after my 2nd or 3rd visit. The pain was totally gone. As if nothing happened to me.

~ Krisel T.

Dr. Daniel Shows Genuine Concern to his Patients

I used to not pay attention to the chiro before. But when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, I searched for all possible cures and relief, including alternatives. I got particularly interested in Gonestead practice I found in Dr. Rahim’s channel on Youtube. Being the only chiro clinic in the Philippines that follows Gonestead, I immediately booked an appointment with SpinalCare. Dr. Daniel shows genuine concern to his patients. He will explain every detail, from the source of pain to the journey to help fix the problem.

- Mario S.

Blessed and Fortunate

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have met and spoken to Dr Su.

~ Victor

Overall Wonderful Experience

Overall wonderful experience. Felt way better after just my first visit and fixed my posture on the 2nd day. My neck was protruding forward like a chicken before, and my back was curved in a bad way. I just wish I lived somewhat closer to Manila so I can get more and long-term treatment.

- William L.

Cervical Stiffness

Spinal Care helped relieved my cervical stiffness which allows me to focus on my office work.

~ Alan S.


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