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Noel Lanto

Finding A Natural Cure For Unexplained Symptoms

It was back in early 2012 when I started feeling a twitching sensation on my left pinky and ring finger. Overtime, the twitching sensation turned into loss of control which made me lose the ability to do certain tasks such as play an instrument and typing with my left hand. Other discomforts also arose. I had frequent headaches, dizziness, and a choking feeling around my neck.

I’ve been to several doctors from reputable hospitals, have even undergone several painstaking tests involving big machines and some electrocutions, (an experience that can be attributed to someone undergoing interrogation), but none were really able to explain what was my problem was. One of them even gave me a misdiagnosis and recommended me to take a totally unnecessary awful treatment.

My condition has gotten worse, and on mid 2013, I was told by some people to go see a chiropractor. Like most Filipinos, I had no idea what a Chiropractor is. I remember the first time hearing the word “Chiropractor” a long time ago and my initial thought was that it was a rare specie of birds (like the Kukaburra).

When finally learning about what Chiropractors do, and upon being introduced to one who was a family friend, I finally decided to give the Chiropractic approach “a try”. It was a Chiropractor from a province that I first went to. I was impressed at how he was able to immediately explain to me my problem just by looking at my posture and touching my spine. No big machines or electrocution (whew!). The explanation sounded very highfaluting with all the jargons as if I sat down for a science lecture, but in a nutshell, I had a case of scoliosis in which the misaligned spine causes nerve impingement, which in turn causes many problems throughout the rest on my body. I was impressed so I decided to go with the treatment.

After a few sessions, I immediately felt an improvement in my condition. For convenience, I transferred to Manila based Chiropractor and continued my sessions there. After some time, I felt that the rate of my improvement has gotten slow, so I began searching for other alternatives. In 2014, I was led by Google to Spinal Care Chiropractic where I learned about the Gonstead approach. Their Chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Su (who looks like a protagonist from an Asian drama but speaks like he should be hosting a wild life safari show. A really nice guy by the way.) is the only Chiropractor in the country who practices the Gonstead approach. I then immediately opted to shift to SpinalCare, and I can say that there is a huge difference.

I’ve found that the Gonstead approach gives a faster rate of improvement, that one session from the Gostead can be equal to several sessions from the non-Gonstead approach. Also, the alignment from the Gonstead tends to be so much more stable, as it isn’t easily “undone” by certain activities as compared to the traditional approach. This of course is based from my personal experience with SpinalCare. Previous treatments should also be credited for my results with the Gonstead approach, but personally, I find myself more comfortable with the Gonstead so I’ve stuck with this ever since.

From the time I started Chiropractic therapy up to the present, my headaches, dizziness, and choking feelings are completely gone. The problem on my left fingers have also improved drastically ever since, as typing and playing an instrument have already become very much manageable. Currently, I am continuously having regular sessions with with Dr. Su, and I am confident that I’m on the right path to complete restoration.

– Noel Lanto

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