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Frequently Asked Questions

Spinal Care Chiropractic is a natural healthcare practice, giving you a safe, effective alternative to surgeries and medications. We understand that you may have concerns about Chiropractic and what we can do for you. We’ve answered some questions that are often asked by people who haven’t been to a Chiropractor before, or aren’t sure what we do. If your concern isn’t addressed here, our team will be happy to speak with you.
Do Chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min practice Gonstead Chiropractic, which is pain-free and comfortable. We have several specialized tables available to accommodate you, avoiding any unnecessary twisting or rotation of the spine.

Is Chiropractic only effective for back problems?

It’s a common misconception that Chiropractic only deals with the spine. In fact, Gonstead Chiropractors like Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min adjust shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, hips and jaws. Because your spine protects your nerves, adjustments can help with other diseases and health problems by maintaining the flow of messages that go from the brain to the rest of your body.

Can you help slipped discs?

A slipped disc, bulge, prolapse, rupture, extrusion or protrusion are common names for disc herniation. It’s commonly experienced by people of all ages.

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min can effectively treat disc problems with adjustments. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics shows that an astounding 90.5% of patients with lumbar disc herniation have substantial improvements within three months of starting Chiropractic care!

At what age should I start seeing a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is appropriate for all ages. Both Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min have had patients that range from three days old to 101 years old. Dr. Daniel’s youngest patient is his son Nathan, who was checked at birth and adjusted at three days old.

Babies go through extreme trauma from the birthing process and should be checked soon after to ensure their best health. As they grow, children have hundreds of falls that can affect the condition of their spine. It’s better to be safe and catch any problems early before they become more complex health concerns.

As an adult, you should be checked and adjusted to correct any spinal problems and promote your overall health.

I’m not in pain. Why should I go to a Chiropractor?

Pain is not an indicator of whether you are healthy. Only 10% of the nerves in your body detect pain. By the time you feel it, you may have been in ill health for a long time. Chiropractic is about prevention, not cure. As you go to the dentist to have your teeth checked regularly, so should you have regular spinal checkups with Dr. Daniel or Dr. Min.

When is it appropriate to use heat or ice to relieve discomfort?

Heat packs can be used to relieve muscular pain and tension. Ice packs help reduce inflammation and pain. We advise our patients to use ice packs on the area we’re treating to decrease swelling and improve recovery.

How many adjustments will it take for me to feel better?

The majority of our patients experience relief within 4-6 adjustments; however, it depends on the severity of your condition and your lifestyle.

How long will I need to see Dr. Daniel or Dr. Min?

You use your spine every day -to stand, sit, walk, lift and twist. It’s under constant stress, so it makes sense that you need to take good care of it. To enjoy great health in the future, regular checkups with Dr. Daniel or Dr. Min can prevent injury and pain from happening.

Why do I need to have X-rays taken?

X-rays are vital to understanding the cause of your problem, and the best way to go about correcting it. With X-rays, Dr. Daniel and Dr. Min can give you a specific diagnosis and use precise adjustments to help you. If we didn’t have X-rays taken, it would be impossible to know for certain how to properly treat you.

How will I know when my spine is improving?

You’ll have X-rays taken every two years after having regular Chiropractic adjustments. These images can then be compared over time, assuring you of your progress.

Do you accept health cards?

Health insurance in the Philippines doesn’t cover Chiropractic; however, some many reimburse you for X-rays. If you have an international health plan, please check with your insurance company, as they may reimburse you for Chiropractic care.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

We accept cash, cheques and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay). Cheques can be made out to Spinal Care Chiropractic Inc.

More Questions?

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you! Saturday visits are available.

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