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Marilou Clores

Alternative Natural Treatment to Disc Herniation Surgery

I am a post laminectomy and discectomy case due to L4-L5 disc herniation last July 2012. After four years, it recurred. It was confirmed in my latest MRI result. I was in the state of unexplainable and unbearable pain again. I decided not to go through another major operation since no orthopedic surgeon can assure me a no-pain and no-complication post operation scenario.

I also tried the conventional rehab therapy in the hospital with the usual TENS and traction procedures. It did not help even to relieve the pain. For weeks, I was pain-reliever-reliant. Actually, the meds can’t even take away the pain. It merely reduces it to a tolerable level. I was suffering. That is when “Chiropractic Care” became an alternative. My sister discovered “Gonstead Chiropractic” through research. She found out that Doctor Daniel Su of SPINAL CARE is the only Gonstead Ambassador in the Philippines. The staff was really accommodating as they answered all my sister’s querries when we booked for an appointment. Since my case was treated as an emergency, I was actually given a favor when Dr. Su agreed to have my first adjustment with my initial consultation. All my medical records and the required x-ray were given to the clinic prior to my visit so that Dr. Su can study my case.

It was July 29, 2016 when I was first checked and my spine adjusted. I did not know what to expect but I felt that Dr. Su thoroughly examined my condition. The adjustment was gentle although I was really struggling with my usual pain. The next day, I was able to get out of bed by myself! Without the help of my husband. My husband was amazed because this process usually is a pain reliever in the morning, a waiting time of 1-2 hrs for the pill to kick in and a lot of sobbing on my part. It was a milestone for me. I was grateful that my prayer has been answered. I felt hope that I would get better. So I continued my chiropractic sessions.

I feel that Dr. Su is genuinely concerned with his patients. He is very professional and very patient in answering my queries. I appreciate that he listens to me and explains my condition and the process I am undergoing. After a month, I felt a gradual and significant improvement in my condition. I can now go to work and most of all, I am pain-reliever-free. My loved ones and colleagues even notice my health progress. I am still on the road to full recovery under a specific program but I believe I am in good hands since Dr. Su has got my back.

I have already recommended Dr. Su to some of my friends and I will continue to recommend his expertise and the warm service of the SPINAL CARE team to people who are suferring due to spine problems. There is still hope and it is not under the knife. It’s under chiropractic care, Gonstead technique.

– Marilou Clores, Sept. 3 2016

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