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Spinal Care really works! It made me aware that most pains are related to spine misalignment and even our day-to-day mood. My first adjustment (1st quarter of 2018) really did a lot of wonders, I was able to walk again for long hours where I used to lay down in bed the whole day for weeks post-spine-op since 2015. Dr. Su explains it well and targets the areas that immediately need to be aligned. After every session, I feel revived from all those pains associated with my back and even my mood improves without taking pain meds! The staff are all so helpful and accommodating. The ambiance of the clinic is also relaxing. Thankful to have my chiro care from Spinal Care. Overall, I highly recommend Spinal Care to everyone who wants to achieve optimal health and well-being.

– Chonalyn

I have been suffering from back pain which I suspect was due to work. Dr. Su was able to isolate and methodically fix my issues over the course of just a few sessions. Right now I’m easing into the maintenance of my current state through periodic checkups. My quality of life has become better and I’m grateful.

– Ian C.

Todo el tratamiento ha sido increible. Mi postura ha mejorado y tambien los dolores. La atencion es la mejor. Siempre atentos y dispuestos ayudor. Estoy feliz con los resultados y de hacer el tratamiento. Gracias! Everything has been excellent, the staff always smiling, ready to assist me in whatever I need. My posture and my pains are a lot better. I am happy I found the clinic. Thank you so much for all your help. I really don’t have anything to ask you to change at the clinic and service. But I wish you had a better parking area.

– Analiza H.

Been there yesterday for my daughter’s initial checkup. Her mysterious ailment is soon to be unraveled once she’s done with her second visit for the explanation of her X-ray result. If only we had known this earlier, we could have saved hard-earned money, precious time and she might have been recuperating now. Anyways, better late than never. Thanks for the promo! God bless!

– Fem Alea G.

My 12-year-old son has mild scoliosis. We decided to bring him to Dr.Su, after just a couple of sessions I saw a big improvement in his condition. Dr. Su is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommendable.

– Ann F.

Dr. Daniel Su changed my life completely. My relationship with my boyfriend was tearing apart because of my anxiety due to my lower back pain. I really didn’t have an idea it was all connected to my spine problem. I also had crazy breakouts and ADHD. Everything around me is negative even if my boyfriend was trying his best to make me happy. After a series of sessions with Dr. Daniel slowly I’m back to my bubbly self. Everything about life is colorful and happy. Our home is once again filled with laughter and jokes. I’m so glad I found him. Thank you so much for everything Doc.

– Jax M.

I have been to more than a dozen doctors but none of them was able to satisfactorily explain the cause of my symptoms except Dr. Su. He treats each patient uniquely. You know that the quality care he provides is excellent. He made me function again. His Gonstead Method is superior and once of a kind in the country. He is unlike any other chiropractor I have been to.

~ Cristina C.

My baby had undergone 2 major operations in her abdominal area immediately after birth. After that, her recovery was a bit rough and she showed signs of being colicky. At 2 months, she wasn’t sleeping well. She would easily wake up even during the night. As a result she wasn’t able to enjoy herself around us. As a mother, I was losing hope and worried about her growth. Good thing I was searching on the internet and reading about colicky babies. then one thing led to another..and before you know it i was eventually on you tube watching gonstead chiropractic care for colicky babies. and what do you know?! Dr Su is the only licensed practitioner here! hooray! needless to say i contacted his staff for the first consultation. Dr Su, assessed by 2 month old child and adjusted her on her first visit. and the results were immediate! on our way home she fell asleep! its almost like we brought home another baby! We’ve been going back to the clinic every few months for adjustments.. and the Staff are wonderful! they’re like family to us. Dr. Su is very gentle and is very concerned with his patients he texts us for updates on how our baby is doing after the adjustments.

You guys are a blessing!

– Mommy Q. (Mommy of Baby Skye)

Doc Daniel is really good at what he does and he has really been helpful in strengthening my back. After several sessions, my back is now a lot better than my initial check-up. I am more aware now on how to take care of my body thus improving my health and posture.

– Novy P.

Being treated by Dr. Daniel has been the most amazing thing. I have scoliosis since I was young and I’ve tried physical therapies before I discovered what chiropractic is and what it can do to me and to others who suffer the same. This made me wish to have known about chiropractic much much earlier which would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money.

– Pichi P.

The problem of my pelvis which has been in pain for a year has improved more than 50% after around 5 months of chiropractic treatments. The pain in my neck has also improved.

– R. U.

Dr. Daniel Su has very good bedside manner. He is very patient. I consulted him two years ago. I have experienced relief and great improvement after every session. I also sleep better at night. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Su for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, discomfort caused by sprain, headache, neck pain. To experience instant relief from pain, Dr. Su is your go-to-person.

– Rebecca C.

This is my clinic :)

– Rey P.

I started seeing Dr. Dan in October 2013. I had chronic back and neck pain that was getting progressively worse. A year and a half later, I am on maintenance mode and the chronic pain is gone. I got there by following Dr. Dan’s treatment plan-at first-going multiple times a week then progressing to less frequent visits. I now see him every 3 weeks to maintain the healthy back. If you’ve tried everything and your back or neck still hurts, come see Dr. Dan. It’s the last treatment you’ll need.

– Robb S.

My Ortho Doctor advised me to have a surgery on my neck area due to clicking sound. Due to this, my sister recommended me to have a second opinion at Spinal Care. After a month of having my treatments, (about 6 adjustments), my neck is better and the clicking sound is gone.

– Roben C.

Great experience, significant relief from my treatments. Thank you.

– Rose L.

It was a life changing experience. I suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 3 years and I went to see a rehab doctor and a therapist. Had I known about Spinal Care earlier, I would have availed of Dr. Su’s care sooner. I no longer have to suffer and I enjoy pain-free physical activity, thanks to Dr. Su and Spinal Care.

– Ryan V.

I had my first adjustment on my knees & lower back a year ago. Back then, I couldn’t walk properly & climb stairs. A year and so later, I’m doing well and is ready to go back to doing some exercise. Overall experience is very good. I get a good night sleep after every adjustment. I feel good now. The staff is so accommodating & Dr. Su explains your condition & what its effect means. I’d recommend to friends every chance I get.

– S.D.J.

I feel improvement in my posture on every session that I have with Dr. Su. Eases my neck pain and stiffness and gradually improves quality of my sleep. Thanks to Dr. Su

– Sally Y.

Chiropractic improved my posture, lessen my numbness and backaches. I feel lighter after every session. Must include regular exercise and diet. Happy experience for painless chiropractic treatment. I recommend Dr. Su to my friends. Just trust and follow Doctor’s advice to have good results.

– Susan C. G.

My upper left back soreness has been there for a very long time due to my scoliosis. After going thru Dr. Su’s chiropractic treatments, the pain diminished. I need lesser massage sessions ever since.

– Susan C.

My problem was, I can’t lift my left leg and can’t sit very long. I feel some discomfort. After a chiropractic treatment and follow ups, I feel okay. I didn’t experience the problem anymore.

– Susana S.

The treatments are quick but the relief is almost always instant. I have experienced far fewer migraine episodes since I started visiting the clinic for adjustments in November 2013.

– Tricia T.

My scoliosis has been a physical defect that has been with me since my elementary days. This was due to my erroneous ways of carrying my heavy school bag. The side of my shoulder carrying my bag sloped down, thereby giving my spinal cord an S-shape. This poised no problem till I reached 55 when I started having lower pelvic back pains. I simply can’t stand sitting for long hours in a travelling vehicle. When in such a trip, I have to lie down to ease the pain. I was glad Spinal Care came to the rescue. The expertise of Dr. Daniel Su in meticulously adjusting my lower backbones solved my long time problem. Now, I can go on long travel without fear of lower back pain. He’s not the first chiropractor I went to for assistance to my problem. So far, Dr. Daniel Su hit the nail right in its head. I thank the Lord for that.

– Wan T. A.

I am Yam Yong Santos, last year I suffered left leg pain and back pain, my friend Bia introduce me to Dr. Daniel Su and started my treatment and after 2 to 3 weeks I can walk with no pain.

– Yam Y. S.

I will recommend Dr. Su to my friends and relatives

– Ruel L.

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