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More Spinal Care Chiropractic Reviews

Dr. Su is very knowledgeable and professional. He explains clearly what the problems are and what is needed to correct the problems. He is very helpful in referring complementary approaches like massages, yoga, etc. The clinic is very neat and nicely designed.

– Eugene C.

Nag-improve and paglalakad niya. Naglalakad siya minsyan hindi na niya ginagamit yung walker niya. Medyo gumaan na yung heaviness ng balakang niya.

– Felichie S. (wife of Jose S. – patient)

With so much pain at my neck and lower back before I came to know and consult with Dr. Daniel Su, now I’m starting to live a normal life. I’m back to my travels, Zumba classes and construction site visits. Thank you, Dr. Daniel.

– Gerlie T.

I go see Dr. Su once a month for my maintenance of my spine. I am still very active in my dance classes and machine exercises at Fitness First. I’m turning 62 in June.

– Gerlie T.

I strongly recommend Dr. Su for people experiencing all sorts of back pain, arthritis, joint pain instead of ordinary chiropractor. He cured my joint pain “arthritis” that I can play tennis again.

– Gilbert G.

I have had a continuing problem with my neck for over 10 years now and I have never been able to find a solution to the problem. Within 2 weeks of coming to Spinal Care, the pain had all but vanished. I very much thank Daniel & his team for their great work.

– Graham R.

Before lagi akong natutulog ng nakatihaya lang, hindi ako makatulog ng nakatagilid, now nakakatulog na ako sa side.

– Imelda C.

I am glad I was referred by an officemate to Dr. Su. My legs, especially my knees felt much better. Dr. Su certainly knows what he is doing.

– J. M.

I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor. I reluctantly went to Dr. Su. Six months later, I have no more back or neck pain. I recommend Spinal Care to others without hesitation. My insurance covers it too.

– Jennifer E.

Being treated at Spinal Care Clinic under the care of Dr. Daniel Su has been completely amazing especially for me who has tried so many different treatments before and not experience any progress. I have scoliosis and I was under physical therapy before I learned Chiropractic treatment, but then I really couldn’t see any progress apart from relieving the pain for a short period of time. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who suffer the same so you can also see what Chiropractic treatment can do.

– Joanna P.

Dr. Dan is very professional and is an expert in his craft. Thank you very much for solving my neck and jaw problem. Been experiencing this for more than 28yrs and thank you for helping my wife go through her pregnancy. A vital factor in our preparation for her normal delivery.

– John A.

The cartilage of my knees became thin and my knees were in pain. My back and neck also in pain. The sessions I have cured all of my problems. I also learn how to distribute my weight between my knees. It was worth it.

– John C.

Even the fee is quite expensive, because of my health I want to have a healthy lifestyle. I just budget my money to have treatment/adjustments. After having treatments, I fell well. I have no pain and discomfort. This is my maintenance for my health, instead of medicines.

– Kathryn C.

I always had pain in my shoulders. Dr. Su adjusted my back and the pain did not come back anymore. I also injured my left knee while playing badminton. He is still adjusting it. I find that Dr. Su helped managed my injuries a lot.

– Linda S.

I’ve worked with Dr. Su and his dedicated team on improving my spinal health for 6 months now and am very pleased with my results. I feel like I am getting better and better after each session. Dr Su is very knowledgable and when I explain a symptom, he is able to pinpoint the origin and solve it.

– Logan K.

Doc, thank you very much.

– Love, KCY

After the treatment, I felt very much better. I felt relief on my knees that has been painful when I walked. It is as if as nothing happened. It got healed and I got relieved of the discomfort.

– Mandy T.

My 1st Chiro experience is a totally different one going through spinal alignments for almost 2 years now. I receive instant relief and energizing sessions from years of neck, shoulder and back pains. At the age of 63, I can beat ladies much younger in long trips and physical activities.

-Maritz A.

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