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Teresa Lynn Sy

Natural Recovery From Multiple Falls

I am Teresa Lynn Sy, a retired dentist. 50 years old. It has been a great journey for me with spinal care. If not for Dr. Daniel Su, I might be in deep depression and agonizing pain.

Imagine, without knowing that a compounded falls would put me into this dilemma. It just started with a fall, sometimes landing on my butt or on my back, has cause me my endless pain on my left leg and my lower back.

4 months of agonizing 4hours sleep each day even taking strong painkillers won’t help. It even cause me my vertigo and high blood pressure. I could not even seat to take my breakfast, either I have to walk or stand while eating. My left toes starts to becoming numb,I know that there is something wrong with my nerves.

I have seek the help of a spine doctor, took a MRI, only saw bone spurs, told me to take calcium and those spurs are just part of growing old, and have some exercise… but pain still persist.

An operation would cost me half a million and I don’t even know if I will be okay.

Simultaneously I have seek the help of a neurologist who recommend me to see a physical therapist. And I spent a month,but nothing happened. Scanning the you-tube, that’s where I found the Gonstead Chiropractor, treating a young man whose spine have a problem and within 2wks time he got him well. So I search its counterpart here and saw Spinal Care Chiropractic. What I saw with Spinal Care Chiropractic, is very different from the usual chiropractors. Because they analyze your cases base on the X-rays, MRI, citi-scans.

And they have this gadget to measure if you have nerve problems. And Dr. Su adjust the vertebrae piece by piece. He does not do the “cracking” like the usual chiro does, very scientific approach. Careful in analyzing, even very detail in explaining to the patient. He really knows what he is doing. I have no regrets in coming to Spinal Care, though it’s far from us, but the sacrifice is fruitful.

Aside from Dr. Su, who is very professional in his field and very humble. His team are all great, very ethical in their jobs and always welcoming you with their warm smile. The clinic is very sanitized and orderly,and fresh smelling. No wonder,you can’t go wrong when you come here.

Just to share my short journey with Spinal Care, I started in August. With great agonizing pain on my left leg and lower back,then with few adjustment sessions, and on my 8th session,I was able to visit Japan by Nov. and Feb. in Hong Kong. My life is back. Now I can sleep 8-10hours,without pain. Savor my breakfast seating down. No more painkillers,no more vertigo… I can seat as long as I want on hard chairs or soft ones. No muscle spasm…It is just so great! My sessions is nearly about to end…though Dr. Su told me I will be okay by just 80%, it’s okay. Coz,I feel the same as what I was before.

Again,to Dr. Su, who is a God sent, thank you very much! To your great team – Grace, Liezel, Kresta, Lovelyn, Princess and most specially April. Kudos to all of you! And thank you for giving back my life!

– Teresa Lynn Sy

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