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Teddy Chan

Natural Recovery from Cervical Dislocation and Degeneration

Last August 2015, I have severe back pain, extended to left shoulder and left arm that I was having difficulty to move around especially bend. Even the simple thing of wearing clothes and socks were a feat for me.

I went to see an orthopaedic doctor, hoping to find solution to my predicament. The doctor said that I have cervical dislocation and degeneration from C3 to T2. Surgery on my spine is the prescribed solution to my problem and that there’s no other way.

Looking for a second opinion, I went to a chiropractor and tried massaging my spine and cracking my neck. I also tried physical therapy but to no avail. This went on for 6 weeks and still in pain.

Thank God for his grace, a friend introduced me to Dr. Daniel Su, a Gonstead Chiropractor. I was impressed by his adjustment technique and the way that he handled me as his patient. After examining my X-rays, he explained to me my condition and how he would treat them. I felt that personalized service and medical expertise as he carefully studied my case. He is also very welcoming that he doesn’t mind the questions you ask him, he is just willing to help.

After 6 visits, I felt a significant improvement in my body. I can say that I have recovered significantly, and I was so blessed to be able to travel again and even tour Europe!

Until now, I continue to stick to a maintenance program with Dr. Daniel Su on my road to complete recovery!

I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Su for those who have spine and back problems.

– Teddy Chan

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