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The Patient's Role in Chiropractic Care

Young woman modern office back painDr. Daniel Su Shares his thoughts on the patient’s role in chiropractic care:

A common misconception is that having chiropractic adjustments means that you’re fixed for life. I definitely don’t agree with this. A lot of times you’ll find that even if your spine is functioning really well after your appointment, if you go home and you’re sitting hunched, for example if you’re sitting on the computer and you’re hunching and you’re sitting to the side, over time you’re going to irritate the spine.

You’re going to put compression on the spine. It’s going to start to irritate the nerves and then cause them to misalign.

So what I really recommend is that if you have adjustments, even on a regular basis, continue to watch out for your posture. You want to always, for example, sit up straight and have good posture looking straight ahead.

If you’re sleeping try not to be curled up and not to be on your side too much with your head in one position.

Always try to be balanced and try to have good posture at all times, even if you have regular adjustments. I really find that a lot of patients rely on adjustments and then they go home and once they go home their posture is not good. They start to hunch and then they have the problem again.

So it’s super important to constantly continue to watch out for your posture if you want to maintain the improvements following your adjustments. As long as you do that then you’ll find that the adjustments will be much more effective and the adjustments will hold longer.

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